Thursday, May 3, 2018

300w for "Nyolder Bareng Orlok Jakarta Timur"

YB 0 BAJ  Indonesia Amateur Radio Station
Ir.Eliza Sukiman.MM.MA

300w for "Nyolder Bareng Orlok Jakarta Timur"

This project for " Nyolder Bareng Orlok Jakarta Timur" is 300w made of IRF 450 .
This 300w Linear Rf Amplifier  is very simple, easy and cheap. Hope this schematic diagram can help you to make it .

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

800W Mosfet Linear Rf Amplifier with IXYS 82N25P

 800w Mosfet Rf Amplifier


Monday, May 25, 2015

RF Amplifier For QRP

Rf Amplifier For QRP

Ir.Eliza Sukiman.MM.MA ( YB0BAJ )

This Rf AmplfierFor QPR  has made from low price Mosfets .  The MosFets are WO12L54F or any mosfet like IRF250,IRF450 can use for these .
The circuit is a Push Pull with 2 pcs and two band Low pass Filter for 3,5 Mhz and 7 Mhz.
 The Rf Amplifier For QRP as shown needs 1W only of drive for full output.

The input transformer T1 is wound on a small tubing transformer with about one turn pri. and three turns sec. The thermal sensor contact with the heat sink and well decoupled to prevent Rf pick up .The output transformer uses  large ferrite tubes . The primary is one turn of tubing transformer and the secondary is 3 turns of thinner multi strand stuff .
The power supply for this  Rf Amplifier doesn't need regulating and 12v enought for full power output 50w

The standing current should be set to about 200 ma by adjusting the 10k Ohm pot . you can see . .Schematic

Monday, January 11, 2010

SDR Transceiver

SDR ...Software Defined Radio

 By : Ir Eliza Sukiman MM MA
YB 0 BAJ  Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization

Welcome to the exciting world of software defined radio

This amplifier was designed to improve an existing receiver by replacing the original r.f. stage. The circuit utilizes a Low Noise Rf Amplifier , has a dynamic range of 100 dB , and exhibit low intermodulation distortion.

Incorporation of the Low Noise Rf Amplifier into an existing receiver obviously varies, depending on the receiver, and can not be discussed in detail but must be left to the individual construction
next... SDR tranceiver all band with 100w output

Monday, April 27, 2009

800w Mosfet Rf Linear Amplifier using IXYS

By : Ir Eliza Sukiman MM MA 
        YB 0 BAJ     Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization
This Mosfet Rf Amplifier will give you 800w output. The PA stage consists of four push-pull modules ,with splitter and combiner. each comprising a pair of IXYS 82N25P MOSFET devices. Each push pull is rated Po = 200W only. They have an "on resistance" of 0.35 Ohms , will dissipate about 500W each. V dss Drain Source Voltage 250 , Id Continuous Drain Current 82 A , C iss input Capacitance 4800pF,Output Capacitance 900pF .
The Mosfet Rf Amplifier produce 800w from 24V on 80 , 500w on 160 and 40 M .
The circuit work with four push-pull modules ,combiner and splitter The amp as shown needs 75W of drive for full output. The splitter wound on a small tubing or toroid transformer with about one turn pri. and two turns sec. The Combiner made from large ferrite tubes . The Switching power supply is 24 Volts 100 A.
The standing current for this Amp.200ma for each mosfet.

Mosfet Rf Amplfier
Bias should be set to about 400 ma by adjusting the 10k Ohm pot carefully! Remember these FETs can really draw some current!, to see . . . schematic

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