Monday, December 29, 2008

1kw Mosfet Rf Amplifier

Ir Eliza Sukiman MM MA
YB 0 BAJ Indonesian Amateur Radio Station

This is my 1kw Mosfet Rf Amplifier. The MosFets are IRF 450 . They have an "on resistance" of 0.31 Ohms , will dissipate about 190W each. Vdss Drain Source Voltage 500 , Id Continuous Drain Current 14 A , Ciss input Capacitance 2000pF,Output Capacitance 300pF I have used them in my base station and they produce a good 1000w from 70V on 80 , 600w on 160 and 40 M . see . .  . schematic

See Youtube 300w ....  Click here

See Youtube  600w ...  Click Here

See Youtube 800w ...  Click Here

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Clay said...

The new developed 1kw linear amplifier alpin100 for all amateur radio bands (1.8mhz - 50mhz) was first presented on the ham radio in Friedrich this year. if you want to get some.